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A frantic call reaches you in the middle of the night. Your friend Nova is asking you to come over as soon as possible. She doesn't sound worried, rather euphoric, but something just feels... off...

More fixes and features to come!


WASD - move 
E - interact, skip text box
Left/Right Arrow Key - navigate in inventory
Down Arrow Key - equip item
Up Arrow Key - combine equipped & selected item


Melina Behnert (Background-Artist)
Zoe Graetz (Character-Designer)
Marina Hankofer (Graphic-Artist)
Daniel Kilianski (Unity-Developer)
Pauline Lechler (Background-Artist)
Josephine Methner (UX/UI-Designer)
Stephanie Seng (Narrative- & Game-Designer)
Florian Simon (Composer & Sound-Designer)
Felix Voigtländer (Unity-Developer)


2022-09-26_Build1.zip 268 MB

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