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You are stranded in an asteroid field with your steam-powered ship. Use your hands to move around and collect important resources to repair your spaceship.


Grab-ButtonPickup, Movearound
Turn 45°
A, X (Primary Button)Reset Player to ship
Left/Right TriggerShoot steam from your hand


AndersProgramming, Sound, Music
Jan3D Design


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Out Of Steam Build 42 MB
Quest Build 34 MB


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Hi, Using the new version, I got the ship going (didn't need the pickaxe) but when it started moving, many of the objects (e.g. lever, pipe, steering wheel, hatch door) stayed still and so were left behind. This was the PCVR version.

Nice game. I like the idea of repairing the space ship and being weightless. The graphics were cool too. But I wasn't sure how to complete the puzzle. 

Spoiler alert - I added the pipe, the lever, the plate on the boiler and turned the red wheel but nothing happened. The display when I turned the red wheel flickered a lot but I could see that it changed value. 

There was a cube that I couldn't see a use for? I also went outside and looked around but couldn't see anything else I needed to do. I could see some of the asteroids were blue but I couldn't move them? Any clues to what else I need to do?


there was an issue with the valve turning in one of the versions and I'm currently not sure if the newer one has the fix in it.  (Just don't turn it, to avoid this issue)

As for the last puzzle piece, the asteroids have movable ice cubes. You need to refill the stove, back of the spaceship in the inside, with one ice or coal cube. Also there is a pickaxe hidden between the astroids to the right, if you are leaving the ship through the hole.

This game was made for a one week gamejam (https://www.gdwtrier.de/startseite), but it will be shown again in one or two months, so it might be improved and fixed at a later point. 

For now we all are exhausted, and will be taking a break for a few days/weeks.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback!

Best, Felix